Other Services

Other services that I provide:
- Energy Healing
- Pendulum Gazing
- Centering and Shielding
- Grounding

Energy Healing

Energetic Healing is an umbrella term for any therapy that manipulates the energy circuits in our physical or subtle bodies to regain balance and facilitate our body's innate healing mechanisms.

My Personalised Energy Healing is a combination of Chakra Healing, Theta & Reiki through guidance of “Creator of all that is” and future readings to establish if the healing and removal of the blockages are done and confirmed.


The pendulum can be thought of as an extension of the intuition, used to gain access to information that exists at the subconscious level of the Inner Being. Your thoughts direct the subconscious as to the direction in which the pendulum is to move. The subconscious uses the brain to send signals along the neurological pathways that control the muscle "twitches" that move the pendulum in a certain direction.

When you ask a question of the pendulum, it is your own subconscious that answers it. The pendulum allows you to see what your intuition already knows. It’s important to remember that the pendulum can only answer questions that are phrased so that the answer is either "yes" or "no".

Centering and Shielding

Before you meditate, or do spiritual work you should prepare and protect yourself, by centering your energy, and shielding yourself from unwanted influences. For some people a simple prayer is enough. Grounding yourself and stretching, is equally important after a session. Centering, Grounding and Shielding form an integrated part of any session you book with me.


Centering is returning your scattered thoughts and energies to you. Usually throughout the day, you have little thoughts and worries popping up while you are attending to your day to day business. Perhaps your eye is on the clock, because you have other important stuff to do. You might have a sick partner or parent at home.
To centre yourself, is to focus, and bring all your thoughts and worries into your body's space. You are mentally bringing it all to your 'spiritual centre of gravity'.
We all feel our spiritual centre physically in different places. You might experience it in your heart chakra or behind your bellybutton or even your third eye.
The idea is to create a big ball of energy, hold it together and place it where your intuition tells you it needs to go.
You might feel psychically top-heavy, unbalanced or irritated if you aren't centred.

During this process your breathing is very important. Focus on your breathing and relax! While working with the energy envision that you breathe bright light in and darkness out.


Shielding is the process of protecting yourself from the energetic influences and individuals around you. This is very helpful if you feel directionless and angry. It even help if you feel strange, or experiencing inappropriate circumstances that makes you uncomfortable. Shielding can makes these uncomfortable emotions stop, and even help you not to take energies and emotions that you are picking up form other people around you home with you, such as fear & anger.

Shielding is a visual process, and everyone develop their own special shielding practice. Use your energy to form a protective barrier around yourself. Block negative vibes of those around you, or free-floating energies. You can envision a transparent shield around you where good intentions and friendly emotions can pass through your shield, but all bad energy gets deflected. Set your shield to reflect negative energy harmlessly into the earth, where it can be neutralized and turned into good energy.


To prevent a feeling of disconnectedness or dizziness after meditation or spiritual work it is essential to ground yourself. Grounding connects you to the energy of the earth, and is important in healing since it prevents you from depleting your own body's energy. You simply connect to the earth by imagining you are like a tree that grows its roots into the earth.

Imagine, or physically go and stand with your bare feet on the ground or grass. Plant your feet firmly on the bare earth, and by an exercise of your will, you send roots into the earth. As you inhale, you draw energy up through your new 'roots', and as you exhale, you send your roots even further into the earth. By doing this several times you should definitely feel a change in the state of your aliveness and connectedness to the earth.

Buy your own:

Available soon:
- African Oracle Deck
- African Rune set
- Futhark Rune set

African Oracle Set

This is a 32 Card deck.
Inspired by the area, (Venda) that I have been living in for the past 20 years, truly out of Africa! My African Oracle deck reflects a lot of different cultures and people that has crossed my path, as well as African cultures from all over the African continent.
Email me should you be interested in a set of your own.

Futhark Rune Set

Using natural stone and even sometimes glass I can make you your own set of 25 elder Futhark runes (including the blank rune). Email me should you be interested in a set of your own.

African Rune Set

A very exciting development project! This is a current work in progress, check back soon to see our design!

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