Rune Readings

Rune Readings

Very few people make use of rune casting or rune readings nowadays, but why not be daring? Try this empowering way of obtaining a reading and see the results for yourself.

You might like it so much that you get your own set!

Runic divination or "runecasting" is not "fortune telling", it works with the subconscious on a deeper level.

How Rune Readings Work

The rune pouch represents the universe. While you select a rune from the pouch (without looking) you put a question out to the universe. Your conscious and unconscious mind is focused upon the question; therefore the runes selected are not random selections, but rather choices made by your subconscious.

Since the Viking era, there was a remarkable and extensive understanding of the human psyche. Cause and effect and the interconnectedness of all things played a big role even then. We are free to choose, however we are not free from the consequences of our choices.

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Runecasting, Reading runes or Rune craft, operate as an ancient form of psychology, to this day. There are various kinds of Rune stones; I use the elder Futhark runes.

Interconnectedness was described as "wyrd", which was eventually perverted into the modern meaning of "weird". It did not mean something unusual or strange; rather it referred to the far-reaching effects of what one does. The concept of "fate" was also not as we know it today. "Fate" meant a destiny created by one's actions and not just a helpless predestined outcome. Wyrd was pictured as a spider web of actions and consequences. When the spider steps onto a thread the vibrations affect the entire web and that which is contained within the web. Just as our actions affect those around us and our immediate world, actions of others affect our lives.

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