Tarot Readings

Maybe you are considering getting a Tarot reading, but you aren't sure about what will be involved, and how it would be beneficial to you. Here are a few things to consider when getting a Tarot reading.

What tarot readings can do for you?

It is only human to be curious about your future. However, the Tarot readings I do, are not very concerned with predicting the future, even though I do these kinds of readings, and I am successful at it.
I think it's more useful to explore what's happening in your life right now, rather than predicting your future. Although future readings can be productive, I recommend exploring current options and finding beacons and markers for you on your path, to help decide what you would like to change.
You are after all the creator of your own reality and in charge of your own destiny. My role therefore is to highlight aspects of your life that you may not be fully aware of at the moment. Such as:
- Influences acting up in your life
- Conscious and subconscious influences playing a significant role in your life
- Current situation
- Various factors that may manifest in your future outcome
- Emphasis on blockages (internally and externally)
- How to use your current situation, influences and personality traits to determine the best outcome

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